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Edward Leman, President

Edward Leman established Chreod in 1985 and has led the firm’s consulting and research activity in more than 110 cities in North America and Asia. Consulting assignments led by Mr. Leman include: analysis of downtown and central waterfront revitalization programs in eight major US cities; design of an approach to measure city risks from multiple natural hazards (including from climate change) and testing in Bangkok, Manila, and Ningbo; design of a rapid assessment approach for calculating city-wide carbon emissions from transport and energy, and testing in Ho Chi Minh City, Colombo, and Ahmedabad; preparation of metropolitan development strategies for Shanghai, Chongqing, and nine other metropolitan areas across China; regional development policy in East Java (Indonesia) and China’s Yangtze and Pearl River Deltas; and economic and settlement planning support to earthquake reconstruction efforts in China.

Mr. Leman has published widely on urban and regional policy, including co-authoring two books on development finance and governance, and OECD’s first Regional Development Working Paper(2009). He is a Senior Fellow at the Global Cities Program in the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. Mr. Leman manages the firm from Chreod’s Toronto head office.

Zhang Rufei, Managing Director (Asia)

Zhang Rufei has been Managing Director (Asia) of Chreod since 1997, and manages the firm’s Asian operations from its office in Shanghai. A Master’s graduate in Urban Planning from Tongji University, Mr. Zhang acquired considerable professional experience through successively senior positions in the Shanghai Municipal Government’s Urban Planning and Design Research Institute before joining Chreod.

At Chreod, he has worked on metropolitan and regional policy and planning projects in more than 35 cities in China, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia. He manages Chreod’s China-wide GIS, including annual updates by our Shanghai staff since 1997.

Mr. Zhang has co-authored a book (with Edward Leman) on urban governance and finance in China, and OECD’s first Regional Development Working Paper (2009); he also wrote the chapter on Shanghai in OECD’s book on Designing Local Skills Strategies (2009).

Mr. Zhang manages Chreod’s Shanghai office of researchers and GIS specialists.

Mr. Edward Leaman

Mr. Zhang Rufei