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Chreod’s management is advised by a group of eminent and independent professionals working on
urban and regional development issues around the world.

Gerhard Braun
Gerhard Braun is Professor of Urban Studies and Head of the Urban Studies Group in the Institute of
Geographical Sciences at Freie Universität, Berlin. He was Vice President (Academic) of the Universität for four
years, and is President of the International Geographical Union’s Commission on ‘Monitoring Cities of Tomorrow’.
Professor Braun’s research addresses intra- and inter-urban systems, governance, migration, and social
segregation. He has conducted urban research in Canada, USA, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, England, Japan,
and China, and has provided consulting services to organizations including Daimler and GIZ, the German
Development Corporation.

David Dowall
David Dowall is Professor of City Planning at the University of California (Berkeley). He was Director of the
Institute of Urban and Regional Development (IURD) from 2004 to 2008, and has worked with IURD since
joining the Berkeley faculty in 1976. Internationally, Professor Dowall has carried out policy research and
designed technical and financial assistance strategies for cities and regions in more than 40 countries for the
World Bank and a wide range of international and national agencies.

Om Prakash Mathur
Om Prakash Mathur is Principal Consultant and Professor of Urban Economics and Finance at the National
Institute of Public Finance and Policy in New Delhi. Professor Mathur was previously Director of the National
Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi; senior economic planner at the United Nations Center for Regional
Development, Nagoya; and UN senior regional planning advisor to Iran. He is currently a member of the Finance
Commission of Delhi and Punjab, and a member of the Planning Board of the Government of the National
Capital Territory of Delhi.

Patricia McCarney
Patricia McCarney is the Founding Director of the Global Cities Program at the Munk School of Global Affairs,
University of Toronto. Before joining the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto, Professor
McCarney was a professional staff member at the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa,
the World Bank, and the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS Habitat) in Nairobi. She has
worked in more than 30 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Dr. McCarney’s research and professional
work focuses on global cities, governance, climate change, urban management, poverty and shelter.

George E. Peterson
George E. Peterson is retired Senior Fellow in International Public Finance from the Urban Institute, Washington,
DC. Prior to that, he was Director of the Urban Institute’s Public Finance Center for 10 years. Dr. Peterson
has written widely and advised more than 40 developing countries on national and sub-national tax policy,
intergovernmental grants, infrastructure finance, capital budgeting, development of local credit markets,
unlocking land values to finance infrastructure investment, and urban housing finance. He has worked
extensively in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia, including in China and India.

Rémy Prud’homme
Rémy Prud’homme has been Professor of Economics at the University of Phnom-Penh, l’Université Lille, and,
since 1997, at l’Université Paris XII where he is now Professor Emeritus. He was also Visiting Professor at MIT
(1982–83, 1988–89, 1998, 2002). Dr. Prud’homme worked for several years with the OECD as Deputy Director
of the Environment Directorate. His main interests are in public finance and in transportation economics. Dr.
Prud’homme has been a frequent consultant to a number of governments, enterprises, and international
organizations, particularly the World Bank (where he was invited as a Visiting Research Scholar), the European
Union, the OECD, and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Ingrid Stefanovic
Ingrid Stefanovic was the founding Director of the Centre for Environment and is a Professor of Philosophy
at the University of Toronto. She has served as Executive Co-Director of the International Association for
Environmental Philosophy, Chair of the United Nations University Toronto Regional Centre of Expertise,
and Co-Chair of the Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology Network at the Environmental Design
Research Association. Her research and publications cover themes ranging from megalopolitan trends
and environmental conditions in the Canadian Great Lakes to the philosophy of architecture and children’s
perceptions of urban nature.

Richard Stren
Richard Stren is Professor of Political Science and the former Director of the Centre for Urban and Community
Studies at the University of Toronto. He is a specialist in the field of local and metropolitan governance. Over
the years he has led several large, urban research projects examining infrastructure and governance issues in
Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Professor Stren served as a chief planning officer for urban
development in Tanzania and later coordinated several projects to study Africa’s crisis in urban infrastructure
and services. He has worked as a consultant for USAID, the World Bank, SIDA, UN-Habitat and other
international agencies. He has written or edited 18 books, and over 80 articles and book chapters on issues
relating to comparative urban development.

Wang Yizhi
Wang Yizhi is a regional economist and Director of the Information Institute at the Shanghai Academy of Social
Sciences (SHASS). He has worked extensively on the post-industrial transformation of metropolitan regions in
China and on regional innovation policy. Dr. Wang is a senior advisor to the Shanghai government on industrial
innovation and clustering strategies, and has led SHASS teams on economic development assignments across
China. In collaborative projects with Chreod, he led SHASS teams in the preparation of the Hebei Provincial
Development Strategy and the recent Global City Strategy for Shanghai.