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Chreod has advised on development strategies and policies at the national, provincial, sub-provincial, metropolitan region, city, and town scales. Our approach to strategic development planning is comprehensive and systematic – and goes well beyond lofty ‘vision’ statements that are quickly forgotten.

Chreod’s recent strategic planning assignments include the preparation of a Global City Strategy for Shanghai, assistance to the Chongqing Municipal Government in formulating its long-term metropolitan development strategy to 2030, and preparation of a provincial strategy and investment program for infrastructure development in East Java, Indonesia.

Chreod’s approach to strategic planning begins by defining spatial and temporal scales over which stakeholders can exert effective actions. This provides a useful discipline for establishing and prioritizing realistic development goals.

But goals alone are not enough. Chreod ensures that strategies are informed by a clear and objective definition of problems and opportunities. Many strategic planning efforts bog down through extensive and expansive analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT), an approach that has not advanced in decades.

Our approach to strategic analysis is to clearly identify and define the specific problems that prevent or constrain the meeting of stakeholders’ goals, and the existing and latent opportunities that could be harnessed to meet these goals. This requires considerably deeper analysis and stakeholder consultation than is typically done in most SWOT-based urban and regional strategic planning.

By defining the causes of problems and the constraints to realizing opportunities, realistic priorities can be set within the scope of actions that stakeholders can feasibly pursue, given the spatial and temporal constraints identified earlier. Chreod works with stakeholders to ensure that causes and constraints are clearly defined and well understood.

The final step in our approach to strategic planning is to define policies and policy instruments. We help to articulate clear policy statements that can be easily understood and objectively measured by all stakeholders, and to select and apply practical instruments for implementing policies.

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