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Chreod has considerable experience in preparing individual projects for lending by the World Bank and ADB, and in assessing the adequacy of preparation by borrowers.

These projects have been multi-faceted and complex. They include: the World Bank’s first province-wide cultural heritage project in support of local economic development in China; preparation of the first municipal development fund financed by the World Bank in China; preparation of urban and environmental information management systems in three of China’s largest cities; and preparation for ADB of an agro-food industries credit support facility for multiple enterprises dispersed across Yunnan Province.

We pay particular attention to understanding the end borrower and its legal status, the existence and adequacy of on-lending arrangements, and the adequacy and risks attached to counterpart funding. We assess the market rationale for the project by identifying supply and demand gaps, assessing linkages of the proposed project to larger investment programs, and identifying attendant risks, especially to meeting the lender’s social, environmental and procurement policies.

We work closely with local counterparts to review all technical and institutional options for the project, and to understand why the proposed option was selected. Specialists on our teams assess financial and economic costs and benefits, supported by sensitivity analyses, and review the adequacy of procurement plans and borrowers’ procurement capacities.

We clearly define the social and environmental impacts of the proposed project, the adequacy of Environmental Management Plans, Resettlement Actions Plans, and Indigenous Peoples Plans, and responses to other applicable safeguards policies. Chreod addresses institutional issues surrounding project implementation, especially related to property rights, monitoring and management capacities of proponents and local regulatory agencies, and avenues of recourse in the event of disputes during project implementation and operation.

Chreod has been asked to join World Bank and ADB teams in identifying, reviewing preparation, pre-appraising, and appraising investment proposals. Our work has included technical, economic, financial, and institutional assessments. Most recently, we were part of the World Bank’s team in appraising a $700 million emergency reconstruction loan for areas affected by the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008 in China’s Sichuan Province in which almost 90,000 perished and 5 million were left homeless.

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