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Chreod takes strategic planning to the next important step: design of concrete action programs and plans.

We have applied our programming services to the design of investment attraction and area marketing programs in key industrial and economic zones, and to the preparation of capital investment programs in several metropolitan regions.

Chreod’s programming work has extended to the design of more non-traditional programs in stakeholder participation, education and training, and management information systems to support decision-making by local governments.

Our work on management information systems has gone beyond traditional MIS to focus on Decision Support Systems (DSS) using geo-spatial technologies. We have designed DSS to support environmental, land management, and infrastructure investment decision-making at the regional level in China’s Pearl River Delta, at the provincial and municipal levels in Sichuan, and at the metroplitan scales in Shanghai and Tianjin in China.

Chreod has considerable experience in assembling and validating investment programs of governments and international development agencies. These have included: designing overall program frameworks for several World Bank infrastructure loans in Indonesia and China; preparing investment programs for industrial zones; validating strategic benefits and costs of water-supply programs in Bangladesh; and designing a long-term investment program for municipal infrastructure in Karachi.

We conduct spatial planning for complex projects at large spatial scales. For example, for the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Chreod prepared a development management program and detailed area plans for the metropolitan region’s entire 260-km coastline adjacent to Hongkong.

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