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While rigorous analysis and evaluation are integral to our planning and programming work, they are also distinct, stand-alone services that we have provided to numerous clients.

Chreod’s analytical services include analyzing and clearly describing economic, demographic, social, environmental, fiscal, and governance conditions at spatial scales ranging from towns to cities, metropolitan and sub-provincial regions, provinces, and at the national level. We have developed advanced protocols for projecting development trends and assessing their impacts.

Chreod has assessed downtown and waterfront redevelopment policies and practices in eight major cities in the US. We have analyzed and projected development trends across China’s Yangtze Basin, stretching from Shanghai to the border with Myanmar; in the burgeoning Pearl River and Yangtze River Deltas; and along three large river basins in China’s Greater Bohai Economic Region. We have analyzed urban development trends in more than 70 cities in China, all cities and major towns in Indonesia’s East Java Province, and in Manila, Bangkok, Colombo and Ho Chi Minh City. We have recently compiled a global database on all 446 metropolitan regions and are assessing their vulnerability to effects of climate change.

Our analytic work is based on statistical analysis, advanced geo-spatial analysis, social surveys conducted on the ground, and local stakeholders’ and experts’ knowledge. Two of our most recent surveys were of transient migrant workers in three cities in the Pearl River Delta, and of migrant households in Shanghai’s suburbs.

Chreod’s metropolitan work is supported by an in-house program of comparative global research on metropolitan regions that Chreod began in 2001. This research is ongoing, and has so far assessed key development trends, policies and systems of governance in 15 metropolitan regions in China and Tokyo, Seoul, London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. As resources allow, we are expanding this set of metropolitan regions to include major cities around the world.

We have been retained to conduct objective and comprehensive evaluations of development strategies, policies and their impacts, and development programs. For example, we recently conducted an evaluation for the Asian Development Bank’s Operations Evaluation Department on the effectiveness of ADB’s Urban Sector Strategy in China.

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