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Strengthening Social Inclusion

Metropolitan regions are magnets for migrants, both from within a country and from other nations. The degree to which migrants are welcomed into communities and enjoined into metropolitan life is critical not only to their welfare but also to the stability, creative dynamism and productivity of the metropolis as a whole. Many migrants are economically vulnerable, and join low-income households already attempting to integrate into metropolitan life.

Social inclusion of migrant and vulnerable residents is a critical issue in most metropolitan regions, one that Chreod has specifically addressed in the formulation of development strategies for China’s Pearl River Delta, Shanghai, Chengdu, four other metropolitan regions in China, and East Java Province in Indonesia.

Chreod’s team comprises specialists in social analysis, social safeguards, social planning, and community development who have worked in Canada, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Other Issues:

Restructuring Economies
Fostering Cultural Development
Managing Urban Growth
Environmental Sustainability
Managing City Risks
Managing and Governing Regions
Enabling Sustainable Finance

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