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Restructuring Economies to Strengthen Competitiveness

Globalization is restructuring metropolitan and regional economies around the world. Accessibility to input and output markets is changing rapidly at the regional and global scales, dramatically altering cities’ competitive advantages.

For the Shanghai Municipal Government, Chreod recently prepared a multi-faceted strategy to strengthen the city’s global integration with financial services, producer services, trade and logistics, innovation-based manufacturing, and cultural services. PDF

We recently advised OECD and China’s Guangdong Provincial Government on economic restructuring in the Pearl River Delta – considered by many to be the ‘World’s Factory’ – which began to lose its competitiveness well before the most recent global economic downturn. PDF

The approaches we follow to analyze the performance of regional economies, identify the driving factors in their competitiveness, and regions’ changing roles in global supply chains can be applied in most countries.

Chreod’s team comprises specialists in regional and metropolitan economic analysis and modeling, and economic development specialists experienced in structuring innovation and cluster development strategies in more than 50 regions around the world.

Other Issues:

Strengthening Social Inclusion
Fostering Cultural Development
Managing Urban Growth
Environmental Sustainability
Managing City Risks
Managing and Governing Regions
Enabling Sustainable Finance

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