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Managing Urban Growth

Controlling urban sprawl has become a critical challenge for most metropolitan regions. Valuable land is consumed by low-density, inefficient suburban development that is poorly served by public transport and infrastructure services. The consequences are longer travel-times to work and services, higher emissions of greenhouse gases, dispersed pollution, and distortions to local land markets.

Chreod has conducted extensive analysis of metropolitan growth patterns in major cities around the world, and the economic, social, and environmental impacts of this growth. We have developed and applied advanced GIS- and remote sensing-based protocols for measuring and monitoring urban growth.

Our extensive knowledge base on international practice enables Chreod to localize a wide range of policies and policy instruments to better manage urban growth in metropolitan regions.

Other Issues:

Restructuring Economies
Strengthening Social Inclusion
Fostering Cultural Development
Environmental Sustainability
Managing City Risks
Managing and Governing Regions
Enabling Sustainable Finance