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Managing City Risks

Urban systems are at greatest risk to effects of natural and anthropogenic disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, landslides, heatwaves and drought, chemical and nuclear accidents, and terrorism. Global climate change will exacerbate most natural hazards.

Chreod’s recent risk-related projects include: for the World Bank, development of a multi-hazard city risk index (including future risks arising from climate change) and testing in Bangkok, Manila, and Ningbo; and, for ADB, modeling changes in carbon emissions arising from alternative land use and transport strategies in Ho Chi Minh City, Ahmedabad, and Colombo.

Chreod recently identified potential climate change risks for Shanghai (PDF), working with colleagues at the University of Toronto on quantifying total greenhouse gas emissions in China’s three largest cities.

Chreod has worked extensively for the World Bank Group on the Wenchuan Earthquake Reconstruction Project in China’s Sichuan Province. PDF.

Other Issues:

Restructuring Economies
Strengthening Social Inclusion
Fostering Cultural Development
Managing Urban Growth
Environmental Sustainability
Managing and Governing Regions
Enabling Sustainable Finance

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