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Managing and Governing Metropolitan Regions

One of the biggest challenges facing metropolitan regions around the world is putting in place – and sustaining – effective forms of governance and management that cross traditional administrative boundaries. While most planning and service delivery needs to be done at the most local level possible, crucial responsibilities must be exercised at the metropolitan scale if these regions are to realize their inherent agglomeration economies, become socially inclusive, and if disaster risks are to be managed effectively.

Chreod has prepared regional service delivery programs for metropolitan areas, and developed frameworks for rationalizing functional responsibilities among governments in rapidly-growing regions.

Chreod’s Team includes highly-experienced political scientists and metropolitan managers that have dealt with governance issues on the ground on a daily basis.

Other Issues:

Restructuring Economies
Strengthening Social Inclusion
Fostering Cultural Development
Managing Urban Growth
Environmental Sustainability
Managing City Risks
Enabling Sustainable Finance