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Ensuring Environmental Sustainability

Urban systems consume the bulk of the world’s renewable and non-renewable natural resources, especially water and carbon-based fuels. They also produce the largest volumes and concentrations of liquid, aqueous, and solid wastes. Environmental quality is often the lowest priority in periods of rapid growth.

Chreod’s work on environmental sustainability has ranged from 10 years of advisory and advocacy support to an Aboriginal community downstream from ‘Chemical Alley’, Canada’s highest concentration of petrochemical industries, to designing environmental decision support systems for rapidly urbanizing regions, provinces and cities in China.

Chreod’s team of specialists in environmental analysis, environmental impact assessment, policy, advocacy, and environmental management and planning (including coastal planning) address environmental sustainability issues at the local, metropolitan and regional scales. Sector specialists in our team address energy, water and wastewater, solid waste, and air quality.

Other Issues:

Restructuring Economies
Strengthening Social Inclusion
Fostering Cultural Development
Managing Urban Growth
Managing City Risks
Managing and Governing Regions
Enabling Sustainable Finance