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Cities and Urbanizing Regions


Chreod focuses on cities, metropolitan regions, and regional systems of cities because they are:

In recent years our work has particularly focused on metropolitan regions: large, complex and dynamic urban areas, with more than one million residents, that are expanding into suburban areas across municipal boundaries, compounding governance, management and environmental challenges.

Metropolitan regions are the major drivers of global economic, social, and environmental change. If managed effectively, they can be highly productive, creative, inclusive and enriching environments. If allowed to grow uncontrollably, they invariably consume valuable agricultural and ecologically sensitive land, spread pollution, undermine productivity due to rising congestion and environmental costs, dissipate agglomeration economies, raise the costs of service delivery and intensify social inequities.

Our ongoing research has identified 446 metropolitan regions around the world. Most are growing rapidly. How they are managed and governed will determine the speed, depth and extent of global development during this century.

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